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Maze Shadow - Free Game

Maze Shadow

Look for the key to unlock the way out, then make your way toward the exit with only a faint flicker of light to guide you.
All Flee - Free Game

All Flee

Use the mouse or your keyboard keys, or tap on the screen to move multiple characters simultaneously and complete each level by having each character reach the exit door.
Desert Road - Free Game

Desert Road

Zig and zag around the other cars and other obstacles as you drive down the desert highway.
Fantasy Forest - Free Game

Fantasy Forest

You need click or tap on groups of matching fruit to collect the required number of three types of blocks for each level and at the same time not leaving more than one extra block.
Rolling the Ball 3D - Free Game

Rolling the Ball 3D

Roll, rotate, jump and even try going back, but don't fall and lose your life!
Rope Bawling 2 - Free Game

Rope Bawling 2

It's just like bowling, except the ball is attached to a rope. The object of this fun puzzle game is to knock down all the pins.
Rope Bawling - Free Game

Rope Bawling

Instead of rolling a bowling ball, you’ll cut ropes at just the right moment, so that the ball swings and knocks down all the pins.
Wood Gems - Free Game

Wood Gems

To progress through each level, you need to match three of the same shape to clear the screen before the timer runs out.
Match 3 Color Circle - Free Game

Match 3 Color Circle

Add color rings to the game board and remove color combos along the way to earn bonus points.
Charge Everything - Free Game

Charge Everything

Can you plug in and charge all your tablets, laptops and phones in this puzzle game?
Connect: Fruits and Vegetables - Free Game

Connect: Fruits and Vegetables

Play and relax in your free time! You need to find and connect two identical tiles.
Draw the Hill - Free Game

Draw the Hill

Draw a path while avoiding obstacles for your car to travel. Collect coins along the way and visit the car shop to purchase upgrades.
Happy Glass - Free Game

Happy Glass

Mazes and Keys - Free Game

Mazes and Keys

Enter each maze and find your way to move the character through the streets of the maze, which has to collect the coloured keys, and get to escape.
Rocket Neon - Free Game

Rocket Neon

Ride your rocket into space and land perfectly on the opposite landing pad.
Geo Jump - Free Game

Geo Jump

You need to control a running block in a dangerous place and avoid all deadly obstacles with your skills.
Stack Jump - Free Game

Stack Jump

Help the boy jump at the right time to avoid the blocks and jump to higher places.
Stick Monkey - Free Game

Stick Monkey

You must stretch just enough for Monkey to safely move to safe ground. If it’s too short or too long, Monkey tumbles down below! Ouch!
Pac Rush - Free Game

Pac Rush

Your goal is to collect as many red circles as possible while avoiding falling objects.
Adventure Rush! - Free Game

Adventure Rush!

You driving on the track and passing through checkpoints. Avoid obstacles to keep going.
Swipe the Pin - Free Game

Swipe the Pin

Tap or click on a pin to open a path for the colored balls and catch them into falling the glass container.
Treze Lines - Free Game

Treze Lines

In this fun physics game, use your create ramps by dragging your mouse or your finger so that your ball can make it to the basket.
Pool 8 - Free Game

Pool 8

Pool 8 is a relaxing, mind-bending, fun little puzzle game. Use logic and angles to figure out which order to sink the pool balls in order to clear the table.
Clever Frog - Free Game

Clever Frog

Jump from leaf to leaf and remove all the lotus leaves!
Mahjong Quest Mania - Free Game

Mahjong Quest Mania

Your mission is to find two identical mahjong tiles and match them correctly to clear the board.
Zig Zag Car - Free Game

Zig Zag Car

Collect coins and get as far as you can! Are you ready?
FlapCat - Free Game


Help the cat FlapCat to go through the obstacles that are super difficult.
Connect the Water Drops - Free Game

Connect the Water Drops

You need to connect all the colorful round beads and fill the whole screen to successfully pass.
Apple Worm - Free Game

Apple Worm

You need to help the gluttonous snake run through the maze in search of the treasured apples, but be careful, and escape the level.
Playful Kitty - Free Game

Playful Kitty

Use your physics skills to clear the path so the ball of wool to the kitty and collect all three coins in every level.
Connector - Free Game


Click to rotate the pipeline section to make the bulb light up!
Indiara and the Skull Gold - Free Game

Indiara and the Skull Gold

Please help her run away from the giant boulder of doom, while collecting all the gems and 8 gold skulls that are in the cave full of traps?
Brick Out Classic - Free Game

Brick Out Classic

Paddle the ball back and forth, destroy all the bricks and collect any falling power-ups to move to the next level.
Number Maze - Free Game

Number Maze

This game has 50 levels. You should connect numbers in path from 0 to highest number.
Panda Love - Free Game

Panda Love

Help the cute panda rescue his lover! First of all, you need to help him avoid the spikes and collect all the gems to see the exit hole.
Gravity Escape - Free Game

Gravity Escape

Your mission is find the way to the exit door by switch the player’s gravity but avoid spikes, traps and monster.
Tetris: Color Blocks - Free Game

Tetris: Color Blocks

The grid needs to be filled with blocks of different shapes, the levels will get harder and harder. let's challenge!
Tetris classic - Free Game

Tetris classic

Arrange the tiles to make horizontal rows of tiles with no gaps. When a "filled" row is created, it will be deleted.
Plants Defense: Zombie Siege - Free Game

Plants Defense: Zombie Siege

Amass an army of amazing plants and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days.
2048 Giant - Free Game

2048 Giant

Combine numbers on a rotatable board to create the highest score possible.
99 Balls 3D - Free Game

99 Balls 3D

Break numbered blocks with your ball. The higher the number the more hits it takes.
Aliens Gone Wild - Free Game

Aliens Gone Wild

Dodge bullets, get stronger and defeat the invading aliens.
Archery - Free Game


Compete in archery tournaments to become the World Archery Champion.
Arctic Pong - Free Game

Arctic Pong

Help your seal buddy dodge polar bear bullies by timing each move perfectly in Artic Pong.
Ball Blast - Free Game

Ball Blast

See how long you can survive by dodging and blasting the bouncing obstacles before they hit you!

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